Our Xero Health Check is the MOT equivalent for your business finance. It is a thorough examination of your business’s use of Xero aiming to save time and money. These are common issues highlighting that your financial data may not be accurate:
  • Bank balance differs to statement bank balance,
  • Wages figure appears higher than expectations,
  • Profit figure is different from expectations,
  • Old debtors or creditors balances, and
  • Uncertainty over who can access information.
Our Xero Health Check will:
  • Identify issues which are be costly if not corrected,
  • Provide a written Findings & Recommendations report,
  • Give you an Action Plan on how to proceed,
  • Help you access accurate finance data going forward, and
  • Save your business time and money.
We will require temporary Advisor user level access to the Xero account/s. We can guide you through the process if needed. We will complete our work and send you a Findings & Recommendations report within 5 working days. The Findings & Recommendations report will explain:
  • Our findings from tests performed,
  • Areas that are being treated well,
  • Quick fixes with guidance on changes that can be implemented easily,
  • Issues requiring attention and which how these need to be addressed over time, and
  • Recommendations of features that can be used to improve efficiency.
We will then arrange a Zoom call to go through the Findings & Recommendations report together, and answer any questions you may have which are not already addressed in the report. If you need further assistance, we can support you further. We will always provide you with details of our costs in advance to help you make an informed choice. You can choose to appoint us to implement the required changes. Alternatively, we can schedule Xero training for you or your bookkeeper.